Boxspringcouch auch als Schlafcouch für 2 Personen im Almloft

Alm flair meets luxury


The right accommodation for every family member

Romantic spots for couples

Space for successful business events

Your home base in the mountains

Apartments, chalets, hotel: Flachau's all-rounder

A classic hotel in Flachau? No way! Almlust is a holiday home for families who appreciate their time together. A base camp for friends who set themselves sporting goals. And a think tank for motivated teams.

Rustic guest rooms, apartments and chalets in Flachau will give you the right Alm-feeling. And yet a touch of exclusivity wafts through the entire resort.

From an Almspritzer cocktail in a Kilner jar to purple Loden cloth – we love our region just as much as fresh ideas. We appreciate genuine things and beauty, and we enjoy them with all our senses. We’d like to pass on this almlust feeling to our guests.


Almstubn mit Ausblick

Your little place where you can dream away

Almlust gift vouchers

Guaranteed wide eyes when the envelope is opened and even wider eyes when checking in.

The almlust formula

Plenty of exercise, a large portion of Alm-feeling, 100% free space – and a hint of luxury. This is our secret recipe for holiday happiness.

Hosts and philosophy

Breakfast & Dine Around