Summer is comming..

Alpine pastures, enjoyment, cycling - Flachau


Hooray, we can already catch a whiff of spring in the air! But what's on the vacation agenda for friends Lisa and Yvonne this summer? After five consecutive vacations in Italy, they're wondering what to do this year. The beach is great and all, but how about a mountain getaway instead? Hiking, a delicious alpine snack, and a refreshing Aperol Spritz for that beach vibe – or maybe biking instead?

Cool and adventurous bike trails are waiting to be explored, and if it's relaxation you're after, then hop on an e-bike. The two have heard that Flachau offers idyllic alpine pastures, lush green forests, and stunning hiking trails.

Lisa & Yvonne, we have great news for you and we're happy to assist you further. We're experts when it comes to alpine experiences.

Crazy for Summit Bliss

Here are the top 5 reasons for a mountain vacation:

  1. Rustic alpine huts with their unique charm invite you to linger.
  2. The unmistakable Austrian hospitality is a major draw for our dear guests.
  3. E-biking and pleasure cycling – have you heard of a hut rally? It's simple: You ride from hut to hut and indulge in a schnapps along the way.
  4. Unforgettable panoramas and sunsets. Where can you find the most beautiful sunset? Naturally, up on the mountain.
  5. The desire for a swim is not neglected during the summer vacation? No problem! You'll find refreshment right outside the door at Almlust – namely in our alpine lake.

After this list, we were able to convince Lisa & Yvonne to finally take a mountain vacation... How they liked it, you'll find out next time.






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Summer is coming...

Alpine pastures, enjoyment, cycling - Flachau

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