Mom, I'm always so bored on vacation..

Vacation with the teenager

Well, the older the kids get, the more challenging it becomes to find a suitable vacation for the whole family. Teens naturally crave adventure, cool outings, and action, while parents lean towards relaxation and some hikes. Is hiking a concept that gives your teenager goosebumps?

Have you ever thought about a combination? Apart from the classic family hiking vacation, you'll find our "almlust" in Flachau. Well, not entirely away – if someone wants to do that, they can, of course, do it perfectly :D But we want to offer families with teenagers added value! While parents enjoy a leisurely hike, the kids can experience mega cool adventures – like rafting or how about canyoning?

Does this sound too risky for you as a parent? Are you hesitant to entrust your child to a stranger... Well, I can definitely reassure you! Our guide, Chris, is a certified mountain guide and has been doing adventure sports for a very long time. He's a true professional, and you can trust him 1000%


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Now you've finally let yourself be convinced by your teens and booked your super cool adventure-hiking-relaxation vacation at "almlust." The first amazement comes upon arrival... "Woooooow," we often hear from the teens! The first thing you see is the so-called "Almlustrock." You ascend to the Almlustrock via a suspension bridge and climb up to the Almlustdach. Sounds adventurous, doesn't it? And for those who find that not thrilling enough, there's a large climbing garden + a Flying Fox over the Almsee awaiting them.

Sounds all nice and good, right... but everything there seems to cost a fortune! No – of course, as an Almlust guest, you get a special price. So, let's dive into the adventure!

Oh, and what's this? The spa area opens its doors for mom and dad at 3:00 PM, and relaxation finally sets in...

What are you waiting for anyway? Plan a vacation now that everyone can enjoy!

Hope to see you soon, for a glass of Prosecco upon your arrival at Almlust!

Yours, Leonie

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Mom, I'm always so bored on vacation..

Vacation with the teenager

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