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That wasn't actually our idea, but since we've already accompanied countless couples on this important day, it's time to share the story. Posing the question of all questions is sometimes challenging enough, and a well-chosen location and a romantic setting can add a touch of magic and enchantment. It's not like you're all experts in this matter – most of the time, you just ask that one special soulmate and, of course, hope for success on the first attempt. By the way, the current almlust proposal success rate is still 100% yes! So, believe us – we're getting quite good at this by now...

So, what might such an important day look like, and how can we help you with that? It's entirely individual, and we're happy to tailor your day just for you. Today, let me tell you about Julia & Chris, Markus & Peter, and Natascha & Lucy and how these three couples started their real almlust proposals in very different ways.

Julia & Chris

The two had known each other forever, and Julia had been pregnant for some time. Chris was afraid that his proposal might get lost in the daily routine and not make a lasting memory. All his initial ideas, from champagne to a flight, seemed unsuitable in the middle of winter. He was determined to pop the most important question of his life before the birth of their baby. So, he whisked Julia away on a winter hiking vacation to almlust, and the guided snowshoe hike at almlust had only two participants – "courteously," the guide decided to go ahead with them anyway. Upon their return, they crossed the World Cup slope – a huge torchlit heart adorned the slope, and the guide drew their attention to it. When they stopped and looked up, a fireworks display started, and a formation of ski instructors skied around the heart – directly towards Julia & Chris. The first of the ski instructors carried a red heart-shaped cushion with a box, Chris took it from him, went down on one knee, and the rest is history.

Love is not always looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction


Markus & Peter

Markus had long thought about finally taking the plunge – Peter is the one, so why wait any longer? He spontaneously booked a room at almlust, provided a budget for decorations and flowers to the sales team, and hoped they could handle it. He was a bit nervous, leaving the whole thing to complete strangers? But oh well – eyes closed and go for it. As he entered the room, a small relief set in – rose petals were tastefully arranged on the floor in the shape of a heart, candles illuminated the path to the hot tub on the terrace, and even the bed covers were artfully shaped into a heart. The champagne bottle was ready, and a bouquet of flowers for Peter adorned the table. Peter exclaimed, "Wow, do they always go to such lengths?" Markus replied, "No, but I have to ask you the most important question of my life right now." And so, our statistics recorded another yes – thanks to Peter.

Natascha & Lucy

Lucy is not a celebrity – quite the opposite, she hates too much attention on her person and has found her soulmate in Natascha. The two are usually self-sufficient and prefer to enjoy their love in complete privacy. Both are quite stressed in their jobs and urgently needed a little break to recharge. Well, and then there's that question... A flashy proposal is probably out of the question, but a place they can return to, perhaps every anniversary – a place just for the two of them and a place to relax, that would be perfect. Lucy then rented the almlust Private Spa, a bottle of rosé champagne & fresh fruits automatically come with it, and for more romance, she ordered candles to adorn the hot tub on the terrace. Natascha immediately said yes, and the two spent several days at almlust, just relaxing.

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Your marriage proposal at almlust

The success rate is currently at 100%

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