Loosen up

Knots are something for climbers. They don’t belong in our muscles.

The experienced hands of our masseur will also knead the last remnants of daily life from your body. You’ll be spoilt for choice. But the decision won’t be so painful when you’re on a comfortable spa lounger. Whether you prefer a Sporty, Ayurveda or Beauty Massage – let yourself be pampered and book your pampering session online in no time at all!

Sporty Massages
Partial massage
Duration: 20m
Price: 43,00€
Foot reflex massage
Duration: 20m
Price: 43,00€
Full body massage
Duration: 45m
Price: 65,00€
Ayurveda Massages
Abhyangam massage
Duration: 50m
Price: 89,00€
Shirodhara – the oil casting
Duration: 45m
Price: 99,00€

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